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More Advantages Of Liquid Screed -V- Sand And Cement

At Top Mix we are your local supplier of liquid screed, which is the perfect screed for achieving as flat a surface as possible upon which to lay the final floor layer of a building.

It can, of course, also be used when replacing an existing floor, perhaps in order to install underfloor heating.

Obviously, the more level the surface is, the better the final floor will be, both in terms of appearance and in practical terms too. For instance, if you lay tiling on a surface that is not level, then those tiles will start to crack when people walk on them. This is why a liquid levelling compound is the perfect accompaniment to new flooring today.

Our liquid screed is known as self-levelling for the main reason that it is liquid. As an example, if you pour water into a glass and leave it for a minute or two, the surface will become level, because it is liquid.

In fact, when you use a liquid screed, the only thing that needs to be done after it is poured into position is to run over it with a dappling bar in two directions just to remove any air bubbles.

Many More Advantages

However, there are many other advantages to a liquid levelling compound. Not the least of them is that it will be dry enough to walk on in as little as 24 hours, and certainly 48. That means that other tradesmen working on site are not unduly delayed, when compared with the time it takes for a sand and cement screed to dry.

Another very big advantage of liquid screed is that when used in conjunction with underfloor heating it will totally cover the heating pipes, leaving no air pockets. If you use a sand and cement screed there will almost certainly be air pockets around some of the heating pipes. That means that the heat transfer into the room will not be 100%, whereas it will be with a liquid screed.

Another big advantage is that liquid screed has almost twice the heat transfer properties of a sand and cement screed. In turn, the room will heat up faster and use less energy in order to do so, thus saving on heating bills for the life of the building. A liquid screed is also not subject to the shrinking and cracking which can occur with sand and cement.

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