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Grab Hire Reading

Construction projects produce a lot of waste materials, dirt, and rubble. For this reason, grab hire services are critical for contractors and site managers because they are responsible for removing all the waste and debris from the construction site.

Grab hires are lorries with extendable cranes for grabbing and loading waste materials. You can hire these trucks to clear your construction site of all rubble, dirt, and waste materials as needed.

Many contractors and site managers prefer using grab hires rather than skip hires because grab lorries have extendable cranes attached to them. The cranes make it easier to lift heavy waste materials from the ground or tough-to-reach places and load them onto the back of the lorries.

As a result, the construction workers are not forced to go through the agony of manually lifting the heavy waste materials and loading them onto the back of the lorries themselves. Instead, the workers can conserve their energy for other construction duties and increase productivity at the worksite.


Professional Grab Hire Service


Top Mix is the leading provider of professional grab hire services in Reading. We offer the very best grab lorry hires at affordable prices. They are much more convenient for removing, loading, and eliminating heavy construction waste from worksites. In addition, our grab lorry hires can easily get moved around and parked on the uneven terrain of a construction site. Skip hires don’t have this ability.

Would you like to inquire about our grab lorry hires in Reading? Contact Top Mix at 01865 660006 for more information. Our grab lorry hires can haul up to 16 tonnes of waste materials at a time.

Complimentary Operators Available

When hiring our grab lorries, we’ll provide a complimentary licenced operator to control the machine on your construction site. You don’t need a licence or experience operating a grab lorry in Oxford.

Our crew has many years of experience clearing away waste from commercial, residential, and industrial properties. As long as you don’t have any hazardous waste materials or muck greater than 15 cubic meters, our operators can clear it out with the grab lorries.

Contact Us Today

Top Mix can handle large and small muck-away projects in Oxford. If more than one grab lorry is needed for the same job, that is fine too. You can hire our grab lorries on a daily or per-load basis. 

Please contact a Top Mix staff member today if you want more information about our grab lorry hire services in Oxford. Call 01865 860006 to reach our customer service team. We can answer your questions and provide a free price quote for our grab hire services.

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