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Liquid Screed Thatcham

Quality flooring is essential to any remodeling or building project in Thatcham for aesthetics and durability. Liquid screed is widely used as a flooring material in the United Kingdom because of its longevity, energy efficiency, thermal conductivity, and environmental friendliness. All you need is the right company to install the liquid screed on your residential or commercial flooring.

When you need ready-mixed liquid screed in Thatcham or anywhere else in the United Kingdom, Topmix is among the best service providers. Liquid screed is favored by our customers over the more traditional sand and cement screed because it produces a more aesthetically pleasing finish without flaws.

The liquid nature of the screed allows it to swiftly cover your floor surface and fill in any cracks or irregularities. The flooring will also have a surface regularity of SR2 and minimal shrinkage to keep it from cracking too much. The result is a surface that is spotless in appearance while durable enough to last for years.

Are you interested in installing an underfloor heating system? If so, you can benefit even more from our liquid screeding solutions. The thin liquid screed layer makes it much easier for heat from the underfloor heating system to travel through the flooring surface. As a result, you don’t have to use too much electricity to set the ideal temperature in your room.

In conclusion, liquid screed reduces electricity use, boosts power efficiency, and decreases the cost of electricity on your monthly power bills. Aside from saving money by reducing energy consumption, you’ll also do your part in protecting and preserving the environment.

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