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Liquid Screed Bampton

Are you searching for the best screed solution for your remodeling or building project in Bampton? If so, think about requesting our liquid screed solutions when laying the flooring on your property.

Topmix consistently provides premium, pre-mixed liquid screeds for our customers’ flooring projects in Bampton. We prefer liquid screed due to its self-leveling properties, which are not in traditional sand and cement screed. Plus, liquid screed does an excellent job of hiding and filling in any flaws or defects on the existing surface. After the liquid screed dries, your flooring will appear new with a smooth, clean surface.

Thermal conductivity is another benefit of liquid screed, especially if you want us to install an underfloor heating system. Since liquid screed produces a thin layer over the heating system, heat can transfer faster. Then you can achieve the ideal temperature in your room without consuming too much electricity. As a result, your monthly power bill will be lower than usual.

Because of its low environmental impact and high energy efficiency, liquid screed has quickly become one of Bampton’s most often used screeds. It comprises around 36% recycled materials and emits less carbon than standard sand and cement screed. Thus, you may improve your house or company’s flooring while also doing your part to protect the environment.



Topmix can provide professional liquid screed and underfloor heating system installation services for any homeowner or business owner in Bampton. There is no obligation to consult with our team for more information and a price estimate on our services.

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