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Aggregate Oxfordshire

Aggregates are coarse granular materials used for concrete mixtures to make them more compact and less moist. Concrete would not have its strength and durability without the contribution of aggregates to the concrete mix.

All construction projects involving roads, buildings, and bridges require quality aggregates to build solid foundations, sustain longevity, and prevent premature wear and deterioration. But to ensure you receive the best aggregate supply possible, you need to find a reputable supplier with a long history of customer satisfaction.

Topmix is the leading aggregate supplier in Oxfordshire. We specialize in producing and distributing high-quality aggregates for our clients involved in residential, industrial, or commercial construction projects. We take pride in our aggregate production by providing the kinds of aggregates our clients need to give strength and power to their structures.

The aggregate supplies we offer include:

  • Aggregate
  • Sand
  • Ballast
  • Building Sand
  • Mot Type 1
  • Recycled Aggregates
  • Road Plain Chipping
  • Gravel
  • Shingle
  • Decorative Stone

Our company supplies millions of tonnes of aggregates annually to contractors, property developers, builders, business owners, private property owners, and other entities involved in building projects throughout Oxfordshire. We strive to satisfy client expectations fully by delivering quality aggregate materials at affordable prices.

Topmix is a reliable aggregate supplier with a vast reputation and competitive rates. We own and operate numerous quarries to extract our aggregate supply, which is washed and treated with advanced equipment before being prepared and delivered to our clients. For this reason, we never run out of inventory to satisfy our clients’ requests for more aggregates whenever they need them.

Our on-site preparatory equipment cleans, processes, crushes, and filters the aggregates into quality materials suitable for construction purposes. We have the tools, equipment, resources, and staff to fulfill large orders of aggregates for our clients. Once the aggregates have been prepped and made ready for delivery, we use our massive fleet of lorries to deliver the aggregates.

Each client has unique aggregate supply requests to satisfy their aesthetic, size, shape, and quantity goals. Therefore, when we prepare aggregates for our clients, we ensure all their aggregate demands are satisfied.

Make the Right Choice

Do you need help choosing the best aggregates for your construction project in Oxfordshire? Topmix has a team of skilled aggregate specialists with the proper experience and knowledge in everything concerning aggregates and construction. When you contact us to discuss your particular construction project, we can recommend the best aggregates based on the details and description of it.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate objective with every client. We want to ensure you make the right decision so that you are more than happy with the outcome. So feel free to submit your questions or comments to our team before purchasing our aggregates. Our team will point you in the right direction so that you have the best quality aggregates possible for your project.

Call us at 01865 660006 or email us at One of our customer support representatives will happily answer your questions and discuss your construction project.

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