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Ready Mixed Concrete Thame

Topmix specialises in custom-mixing concrete for construction workers, contractors, property owners, and other relevant clients in Thame. Every construction project requires the proper mixture of concrete and aggregates to achieve the desired durability for the structure. Only our technicians can ensure the appropriate balance of aggregates in the concrete mix to achieve this result.


Say goodbye to mixing concrete on your worksite in Thame. Now, you can rely on our professional team to prepare ready-mixed concrete supplies for your construction project, saving you the trouble of preparing them yourself. Then you can focus more of your time and energy on the construction and less on preparing the materials.


Sufficient durability for any concrete structure requires the proper balance of water, gravel, sand, and cement aggregates. So if you’re constructing a wall, building, bridge, foundation, or other structure that people will use, you need to maximise durability with a suitable concrete mixture.


Topmix has years of experience preparing concrete mixtures for clients in Thame. These clients typically include property investors, builders, property managers, business owners, homeowners, and contractors. We aim to produce custom concrete mixtures priced affordably and based on your specifications. That is how we ensure client satisfaction on every project.



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Call Topmix at 01865 660006 or email us at to discuss the details of your particular project in Thame and which qualities you want for your concrete mixture.

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