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Liquid Screed Newbury

Do you want to install new flooring at your residential or commercial property in Newbury? At Topmix, we highly recommend that you consider liquid screed. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of ready mixed liquid screed for all types of developments. We can scale our supply of liquid screed according to your needs.

Also known as anhydrite or flow screed, it has grown to become one of the most sought-after flooring compounds in the UK. This is thanks to its multiple benefits that make for a more economical, versatile, eco-friendly, and easily installed flooring with an exceptionally smooth finish. Let us delve a little deeper into why this is so.

Why liquid screed?

Liquid screed is installed as a thinner layer than traditional sand and cement screed. This contributes to its affordability and is why it works well with heated underfloor systems. When installed, the screed flows into whatever shape is desired, while filling up all holes, gaps and voids. It is a self-levelling flooring compound, hence will always achieve a smooth level with a surface regularity of SR2 or better.

Due to its thin layering, its thermal conductivity is also high, making it easier for the heating system to warm up or cool a space. Since this pairing works so efficiently, it also means that energy costs tend to be lower.

Liquid screed is further considered more eco-friendly than traditional sand and cement screed. This is because its content consists of up to 36% recycled material and it releases less CO2 into the environment.

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