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Concrete Oxford

Do you need concrete for your construction or landscaping project in Oxford? If so, you can trust Topmix to be your designated supplier of quality concrete material for any residential, commercial, or industrial building project.

Topmix is a trusted supplier of ready-mixed concrete material in Oxford and surrounding locations. Most clients request concrete because it is a durable and long-lasting construction material suitable for developing bridges, buildings, houses, walls, foundations, and all other stable structures. Chances are that your construction project will require concrete too.

Why Ready-Mixed?

Some concrete suppliers require their clients to mix the concrete themselves. That is never a good idea because it takes up space on the client’s worksite, reduces their productivity, and increases the risk of dust pollution on the worksite. Instead, a professional concrete supplier should prepare a custom concrete mixture on your behalf to save you time and space and ensure it matches the quality needed for your structure.

Topmix always supplies ready-mixed concrete to our clients. Our concrete specialists will consult you for specific information about your planned construction project. We will use this information to prepare the perfect concrete mixture with the proper balance of materials and stones. 

The four primary ingredients of concrete are water, sand, cement, and gravel. Adding the right amount of each material is essential for determining the durability of your concrete structure. The durability level is critical to securing the safety of your property and the people on it. Without the proper durability level for your structure, it could result in property damage or personal injuries.

Fortunately, our concrete specialists have the skills, education, and tools to add the proper amounts of aggregates to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Then you can have peace of mind knowing that your concrete structure will not suffer premature cracking or other damage.


Durability is not the only characteristic we can customise in your concrete mixture. We can also customise the aesthetics of your concrete by adding the appropriate number of aggregates and stones to the concrete mix. Only an experienced concrete supply company like Topmix can prepare the concrete to match your aesthetics requirements too. Then you can create a concrete structure with an attractive and unique appearance.

Aesthetics require colourful and vibrant stones to be added to the concrete mixture. Some examples of these beautiful stones include limestone, quartz, and marble. So, when you give us specific information about your planned construction project, please let us know which colours and patterns you want for your concrete structure. Once we learn this information, we can add the right combination of colourful stones to match the required appearance.

The Advantages of Our Concrete

Topmix prides itself on supplying the highest quality customised concrete mixtures in Oxford and throughout the country. Our clients include contractors, business owners, homeowners, property managers, estate investors, and builders. We can supply customised concrete to any person or company planning a construction project requiring premium concrete material.

Our concrete specialists have several years of professional experience preparing concrete mixtures for individuals and businesses in various industries. Free consultations are available before any agreements are made. We will learn about your planned construction project, particularly the size, shape, and type of concrete structure you wish to build. This will give us enough information to prepare the most suitable concrete mixture for your project.

Let us go over the advantages of purchasing concrete from Topmix versus our competitors in Oxford:

  • All concrete mixtures are carefully blended and prepared to accommodate the client’s requirements and specifications.
  • Save time by allowing professional concrete specialists to mix your concrete on your behalf. That way, you can save time by focusing more on other jobs and tasks you need to get done on your worksite.
  • Achieve the proper level of durability in your concrete mixture solution to support the longevity of your future concrete structure. The consistency and quality of the mixed concrete will both be there.
  • Affordable and competitive pricing for our professionally mixed concrete materials. We will do our best to accommodate the budget you have set for your desired concrete materials.
  • No need to prepare concrete mixture on your worksite because we mix the concrete at our special facility before delivering the ready-mixed concrete to your worksite. When the concrete arrives, it will be ready for use immediately.
  • No worries about dust pollution forming on your worksite. Since the concrete mixing occurs at our facility, there is no risk of dust pollution on your worksite.
  • Any leftover or unused concrete material is recycled to promote a healthier and safer environment.
  • We can satisfy your custom aesthetic requirements for the concrete by adding the proper combination of vibrant and colourful stones like marble and quartz. Then you can create a structure containing the aesthetics you desire.

Topmix is ready to prepare your concrete mixture according to your specifications. Just let us know the location, date, and time you would like the concrete delivered, and we’ll accommodate those requirements. Our company has an extensive team of experienced concrete specialists who can quickly prepare and deliver concrete orders of virtually any size.

Client satisfaction is what we strive to achieve. We won’t rest until we produce the custom concrete material needed for you to build a durable, viable, stable, and functional structure for your project.

Learn More and Request a Free Price Quote

Concrete is the base material for most big or small construction projects in Oxford. That is why using the best quality concrete is essential. It will provide the durability, security, and stability your structure needs to last long without causing damage or injury. We’re confident you will be happy with the results once you see how stable and robust it leaves your structure.

Call Topmix at 01865 660006 or email us at to learn more about our concrete materials and how they can benefit your particular construction project. After the initial consultation, we will provide you with a free price quote on the custom concrete mixture you need for your structure.

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