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Liquid Screed Chinnor

A liquid screed is a flow screed (or anhydrite screed) suitable for levelling and smoothing virtually any floor surface. It must be added to the flooring before the finishing and after the underfloor heating system installation, if applicable. In a commercial or residential environment, liquid screed is the best option for achieving beautiful and flawless-looking flooring.

Topmix offers professional and affordable liquid screed installation services in Chinnor and the United Kingdom. We have a team of skilled professionals with the proper training, education, skills, tools, and equipment to mix the screed and concrete based on your project requirements. We’re confident you’ll be more than pleased with the final results of our work.

Here are the primary benefits associated with our liquid screed solutions:

  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Fills all imperfections (gaps, cracks)
  • Produces a smooth-looking surface
  • Twice as much energy efficiency as sand and cement screed
  • Twice as much thermal conductivity as sand and cement screed
  • Eco-friendly compounds in the liquid screed
  • Surface levelled with laser technology
  • Fast installation

How can you resist all of these advantages? Now you can see why liquid screed is the most popular screeding choice for flooring projects in Chinnor. It is suitable to use in both older building renovations and new building developments. And remember that if you want to install an underfloor heating system, the liquid screed is energy efficient and will help save you money on your monthly power bills.

Call Topmix at 01865 660006 for more information on our professional liquid screed installation services in Chinnor.

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