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Liquid Screed Reading

Top Mix is a professional and customer-oriented liquid screeding company in Reading. Our typical clientele consists of property owners, investors, managers, contractors, renovators, and anyone looking to create a smooth and level surface on their floors.

Liquid screed is a flow screed with self-levelling floor compounds. They make it easier to apply the screed solution and create a smoother textured surface on the floor. Then you can easily add whatever floor finishes or materials you would like on top of it, such as carpeting or tiling.

There is no doubt that liquid screed is much better than conventional sand and cement screed. Here are all the reasons why below:

  • Establishes a smooth-looking surface by filling and covering all visible cracks, gaps, and imperfections
  • Less risk of cracking due to minimal shrinkage
  • Twice the thermal conductivity compared to sand and cement screed
  • Twice the energy efficiency compared to sand and cement screed
  • Longer lasting than sand and cement screed
  • Pump application to pour and install the liquid screed quickly
  • Liquid screed dries within 48 hours
  • The thinner screed layer is better for underfloor heating systems
  • 36% of the liquid screed comes from recycled materials
  • Laser levelling technology used to level the surfaces

Contact Top Mix at 01865 660006 if you have any questions regarding our services. Our team will be more than happy to answer your questions and lend our advice where necessary. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will become our next happy customer. 

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