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Liquid Screed Basildon

Are you constructing or renovating in Basildon? Are you trying to choose the right flooring for your project? We highly recommend that you consider the UK’s top pick for compound flooring, liquid screed. At Topmix, we are amongst the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of ready-mixed screed. Here is why we want you to consider it for your project.

Why choose liquid screed over traditional screed?

Liquid screed is considered the superior successor to the traditional sand and cement screed because it delivers a much better finish. When installed, the screed spreads evenly over the floor, filling up all gaps and voids to create a smooth and level finish. It delivers a surface regularity of SR2 or better while also ensuring minimal shrinkage that reduces the risk of cracking.

Another reason it is the preferred choice of flooring is its ability to complement the installation and use of heated underfloor heating. It can perfectly cover the pipework of these systems in a thin layer that facilitates good thermal conductivity. This means that heat travels faster over a shorter distance, making it easier and quicker to achieve your desired room temperature. This efficiency also means occupants will enjoy lower energy costs.

The eco-friendly benefits of liquid screed also extend to its composition. Up to 36% of its materials are recyclable and it produces lower levels of CO2 as compared to conventional screed.

How to get liquid screed

At Topmix we can scale our supply of liquid screed to meet the specifications of your project. Contact our support team to find out more.

Do you need concrete for your construction or landscaping project in Oxford? If so, you can trust Topmix to be your designated supplier of quality concrete material for any residential, commercial, or industrial building project.

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