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Liquid Screed Kidlington

Every Kidlington renovation and construction project needs the proper flooring to add aesthetics and longevity to the design. One of the most popular types of flooring in the United Kingdom is liquid screed because it offers excellent longevity, thermal conductivity, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness. You just need to choose the best company to mix and install the liquid screed on your behalf.

Topmix is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of ready-mixed liquid screed in Kidlington and the United Kingdom. Our clients prefer liquid screed over conventional sand and cement screed because it leaves a smoother and more attractive appearance behind.

Since it is a liquid screed, it can quickly spread over the floor and fill all the surface voids, gaps, and imperfections. In addition, the flooring will have SR2 surface regularity and minimal shrinkage to reduce cracking. Then you’re left with a smooth, flawless surface that will remain strong and viable for several years.

Liquid screeding is also popular with property owners who install underfloor heating systems. After all, a liquid screed layer is much thinner than a sand and cement screed layer, which means it has better thermal conductivity for allowing heat to pass through faster.

As a result, liquid screed reduces energy consumption, increases energy efficiency, and lowers monthly electric bills. Then you can feel good about saving money on utilities while promoting eco-friendliness at the same time. And since 36% of our liquid screed comes from recycled materials and lowers carbon emissions, you will do your part to protect the environment and help the nation reach its goal of net-zero carbon emissions.

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