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Liquid Screed Milton Keynes

Liquid screed, also known as a flow screed or anhydrite screed, is a kind of screed used to smooth and level floors. It is installed following the underfloor heating system installation and before the floor finishing application. The final result is a gorgeous floor surface with no imperfections or visible flaws.

Topmix provides competitively-priced liquid screed installation services in Milton Keynes and the United Kingdom. Our professional flooring specialists will listen to your floor project specifications and use their tools, skills, and equipment to bring your ideas to life.


The key advantages of our liquid screed solutions are as follows:

  • Double the energy efficiency of sand and cement screed
  • Double the thermal conductivity of sand and cement screed
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Fills all gaps, cracks, and imperfections
  • Leaves a smooth and flawless surface
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Laser technology to level the surface
  • Fast 24-hour installation

Considering all these benefits, how can you resist choosing liquid screed for your next flooring surface solution? Liquid screed is excellent for constructing new structures and renovating existing ones. In addition, the liquid screed offers maximum energy efficiency to those using underfloor heating systems.

Do you need us to install a new underfloor heating system before the liquid screed application? If so, we’d be more than happy to accommodate your request because underfloor heating system installations are another expertise of ours. Then you can enjoy added comfort in your building and reduced monthly energy costs.

Would you like to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our professionals in Milton Keynes? Call Topmix at 01865 660006 to get started.

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