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Liquid Screed Grove

Have you reached the flooring stage of your construction project in Grove? If so, you can rely on Topmix to supply you with high-quality liquid screed for your renovation or new build construction project.

Topmix is a leading supplier and manufacturer of liquid screed flooring solutions throughout Grove and the United Kingdom. Thousands of property owners and developers have called upon our services because they know our liquid screeds are the best in the country.

Traditional sand and cement screeds are no longer economically viable for property owners in the United Kingdom because they have poor energy efficiency and a limited ability to cover imperfections on the flooring surface. On the other hand, liquid screed is highly energy efficient and covers all surface imperfections flawlessly. Then you’ll have a smooth surface without visible voids, holes, or cracks.

Liquid screed is energy efficient because it produces a thinner layer than sand and cement screed. So if you have an underfloor heating system below the layer, heat can pass through the liquid screed layer much faster than a sand and cement screed layer. As a result, you can save plenty of money every month on your electric bill and enjoy a warmer indoor environment.

Request Liquid Screed Installation Services

Topmix offers liquid screed installation services to all commercial and domestic property owners and managers in Grove. We only take roughly one day to complete the average liquid screed installation job. The liquid dries within 48 hours after the job is complete. Then you will be free to walk on your flooring again.

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