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Liquid Screed Leamington Spa

Topmix is the leading provider of ready-mixed liquid screed in Leamington Spa and throughout the United Kingdom. If you have plans for a commercial or residential construction project, you must utilize the highest quality flooring options. In the end, the flooring in your residence or business will be sleeker, better looking, and long-lasting.

The traditional sand-and-cement screed is too dense and insufficient to cover surface flaws, crevices, and holes. Because liquid screed can quickly permeate these flaws entirely, it is significantly more effective at filling them. Then, once the liquid screed has dried, all the imperfections will be gone. Only a flat surface will be visible.

Due to its thinness, thermal conductivity, and self-leveling properties, liquid screed is highly compatible with underfloor heating systems. So if you hire us to install an underfloor heating system and then a liquid screed layer on top, you will save money on your monthly electricity bill because you’ll consume less energy than you would with traditional sand and cement screed.

Topmix can install liquid screed flooring on your property within 24 hours. However, around 24 to 48 hours are needed for the liquid to dry completely. Once that happens, you can resume your daily activities or construction projects by walking on your flooring again.

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