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Liquid Screed Brackley

In recent years, liquid screed has become more popular with builders and renovators in Brackley. It is understandable because the benefits of liquid screeds, as opposed to sand and cement screeds, are becoming more apparent to property owners and professional contractors.

 Why Use Liquid Screed?

 If you have a floor that is uneven or faulty, a liquid screed is the finest screed to use to level it out. As the screed is poured over a surface, the liquid immediately spreads out and fills any existing cracks, crevices, or holes. Afterward, your flooring surface will be left looking evenly balanced and smooth since it contains a self-leveling ingredient.

 The liquid screed can cover almost anything underneath the floor surface, including plumbing pipework and underfloor heating systems. For example, people with underfloor heating systems can save money on electricity because a thin liquid screed layer is less obstructive to heat than a thicker sand and cement screed layer.

 So if you want us to install an underfloor heating system and a liquid screed layer, we can do that for the same project.


Get Topmix to Apply the Liquid Screed for You

If you need liquid screed flooring in Brackley, Topmix is the most trusted company to hire. Our professionals will pour the liquid screeding and level it on your flooring in about 24 hours. After that, you only need to wait 24 to 48 hours for the liquid to dry. Then you may resume any other building or remodeling tasks on your flooring without damaging it.

Do you want to talk to our flooring experts about whether liquid screed can benefit your next construction project in Brackley? If so, contact us immediately so we can start planning your liquid screed flooring installation.

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