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Liquid Screed Aldershot

Do you have a construction or renovation project that is ongoing in Aldershot? Have you reached the point at which you need to install flooring? Then consider liquid screed. At Topmix, we are a leading supplier of quality ready-mixed screed. Here is why we recommend making this your top choice for flooring.

Advantages of liquid screed

Liquid screed offers a superior quality flooring when compared to conventional sand and cement screed. one of its best qualities lies in its ability to be self-levelling. This means that when it is applied, it spreads itself evenly across the designated surface while filling any cracks, gaps or voids. It delivers a smooth finish with a surface regularity of SR2 or better.

This screed is also considered the best choice where heated underfloor systems are to be installed. Because the screed results in a thin layer, it ensures excellent thermal conductivity. With heat able to travel faster, it will cost less to keep rooms at the temperature you desire and ensure you enjoy lower energy costs. Sand and cement screed results in a much thicker layer that is less energy efficient.

If you also desire an eco-friendlier type of flooring, then liquid screed remains a top pick. It is made up of up to 36% recycled materials and releases lower levels of CO2 as compared to conventional screed.

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