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Liquid Screed Maidenhead

Are you constructing a residential or commercial property in Maidenhead and searching for flooring options? Then consider liquid screed. At Topmix, we are leading suppliers of ready-mixed screed. This is a self-levelling floor compound that can be used to quickly and easily create a smooth and level surface on which to install whatever floor finish you desire. It offers several advantages over the traditional sand and cement screed.

Benefits of liquid screed

Liquid or anhydrite screed is a more affordable option than traditional screed. Much less material is installed, resulting in a thinner layer of screed. This screed however manages to be just as sound and spreads evenly across the floor space, while filling all gaps, voids, and holes. It can achieve a surface regularity of SR2 or better.

This ability to spread and self-level so well is what makes liquid screed the perfect complement to heated underfloor systems. The screed perfectly flows and covers the pipework, ensuring maximum thermal conductivity. The thin layering also helps to boost this conductivity as the heat has a shorter distance to travel, meaning lower energy costs.

This material is also more eco-friendly than traditional screed as up to 36% of its components are recycled and it results in less CO2 production.

When being installed, this flooring takes just 24 to 48 hours before it can comfortably be walked over. This means that other construction can quickly resume without much delay to your deadline.

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