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Liquid Screed Farringdon

Are you planning a new flooring project for your commercial or residential property in Farringdon? If so, we recommend our ready-mixed liquid screeds for all development types because they provide much better results than traditional sand and cement screeds.

Topmix is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of liquid screed solutions for homeowners, business owners, and property managers throughout Farringdon and the United Kingdom. Our technicians can apply liquid screed to floors of any size or shape, thanks to our vast liquid screed supply and advanced skillsets.

Liquid screed is also known as flow screed or anhydrite screed. Over the last decade, it has become one of the most in-demand screed flooring compounds in the United Kingdom. Liquid screed is versatile, economical, environmentally friendly, and fast to install. The results will give you a smooth surface finish with no visible holes, cracks, gaps, or imperfections.

Perfect for Underfloor Heating Systems

Liquid screed creates a thinner surface layer than sand and cement screed on the floor. Because of this, the liquid screed layer offers much better thermal conductivity to allow heat to pass through it faster. So if you are trying to set the ideal room temperature, you can do without consuming too much electricity because the heat will enter the room much faster.

Thermal conductivity isn’t the only thing that makes liquid screed eco-friendly. The liquid screed solution is made from 36% recycled materials and produces fewer carbon emissions for the environment. Therefore, liquid screed applications will significantly help achieve the UK’s agenda of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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