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As leading concrete solutions experts serving Oxford and surrounding regions, Top Mix introduces Chemfloor—an advanced high-performance epoxy floor coating that delivers unmatched durability, seamless protection, and visual appeal for industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. 

Engineered without compromise using innovative patent-pending technology, Chemfloor in Oxford sets the new quality standard for resinous flooring systems. Backed by Top Mix’s years of real-world expertise, Chemfloor brings next-generation advantages directly to Oxford clients:

Unrivalled Strength & Resistance

Flawless Contamination Protection 

Seamless Aesthetics & Customisation

Unparalleled Quality Assurances

The Chemfloor Difference

Chemfloor sets a new benchmark versus traditional epoxy floors using step-change resin technology innovations perfected by Top Mix chemists.

Up to 5x Stronger Under Foot

Superior Bonding Properties 

Maximum Chemical Resistance

Unmatched Durability 

Chemfloor in Oxford represents a next-generation epoxy floor solution perfected exclusively by Top Mix using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to enhance resin properties. Controlled in-house production enables Chemfloor to deliver measurable upgrades over traditional epoxy coatings: 

By pioneers in resin chemistry for high-performance concrete flooring systems, Chemfloor is engineered specifically for commercial and industrial environments—including factories, warehouses, kitchens, laboratories and more—that demand maximum durability and Minimum downtime.

The Chemfloor Process Advantage

Flawless installation is critical to realise Chemfloor’s superior performance advantages. Top Mix dedicates an expert project management team to oversee the end-to-end process—from initial spec review to maintenance planning—ensuring efficient, disruption-free execution. 

Strict quality measures govern each phase:

Substrate Preparation

Primer Application 

Base Coat 

Quartz Broadcast

Grout Coat 

Chemical-Resistant Topcoat

The Superior Epoxy Flooring Solution

Engineered without compromise and rigorously tested to validate performance advantages, Chemfloor in Oxford delivers unprecedented: 

For results that speak for themselves, trust the resin flooring experts with years of experience. Contact Top Mix today to upgrade your concrete floors with Chemfloor—the new gold standard in durable, protective epoxy coatings.