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Concrete: Ready Mixed Or Mix it Yourself?

On any kind of construction project, unless it is just building a garden shed or greenhouse, you are going to need concrete. On many projects, it will be necessary to use a LOT of concrete, and, of course, concrete costs money. This is why some construction companies will invest in concrete mixers and concrete pumps in the belief that it will somehow save them money.

However, when you look at the bigger picture, in most instances nothing could be further from the truth. Just to begin with, if you invest in a truck-mounted concrete pump you can be looking at the thick end of £200,000! Then, of course, you have to maintain and service it. On top of that, there is the cost of a concrete mixer as well.

But things don’t stop there. When you are using concrete, or for that matter any other product of a similar nature, on a project, you want each batch to be the same. If you have a couple of workers loading sand and cement into a concrete mixer, the one thing that you can guarantee is that the opposite is true. There will be variations. In addition to that, shovelling sand and cement into a mixer can be exhausting, not to mention monotonous. So, the result is that virtually every batch will be different from the previous one.  

No Such Issues

When you order your concrete from us at Top Mix you have none of these issues at all. We know that the required mix of concrete can vary from one project to another, so our team will mix it to your individual specifications. We can also add to the concrete to produce different aesthetics if you wish. In the past, for example, we have added marble, quartz, and limestone to batches as requested by customers.

So, when you use our service, every batch will be the same as the last batch – no “ifs” or “buts”.  We deliver to site and pour it in exactly the position that you want. Of course, there is the concrete pump hire cost to take into consideration, but this is included in our quote.

Even though there is the concrete pump hire cost, overall, our happy customers are delighted with the product and the service that they receive. Every batch delivered on time, exactly when you want it, and to your precise specifications.