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Hire a Grab for Your Next Concrete Pour in Buckingham

If you have an upcoming construction project in Buckingham that involves concrete, hiring a specialised concrete transport truck known as a “grab lorry” can make your concrete pour safer, more efficient, and more affordable. As leading experts in concrete supply and transportation, Top Mix has grabs for hire in Buckingham.

What is a Grab Lorry?

  • A heavy-duty truck outfitted with a hydraulic arm and bucket used to transport and accurately lower/place concrete at construction sites
  • Specialised alternative to concrete mixer trucks for large pours or hard-to-access areas

Grab lorries boost productivity, safety and efficiency on construction sites by enabling quick, precise placement of high concrete volumes, even in hard-to-reach locations. Their capabilities make them an indispensable asset during structural concrete work.

Grab Lorry Features and Capabilities

Precision Concrete Placing

  • The hydraulic arm enables accurate, controlled concrete depositing exactly where needed
  • Minimises manual redistribution effort for more efficient pours

Tight Access Manoeuvrability 

  • Compact yet powerful machines can access tight construction sites
  • Ideal for urban sites or tricky terrain areas

High-Volume Concrete Transportation

  • Large capacity buckets transport over 6 cubic metres of concrete per load
  • Critical for mass concrete pours like foundations and structures

Why Hire a Grab Lorry for Buckingham Concrete Projects? 

  • Saves Time and Labour

A grab lorry precisely places concrete, reducing manual distribution needs with shovels/wheelbarrows. Completes pours faster.

  • Enhances Safety

Minimises risk for workers by reducing manual concrete transportation that can cause spills or accidents.

  • Provides Cost Savings

Efficiency gains save significant labour, payroll, and operational costs over the long run.

  • Handles Challenging Build Sites 

Tight or obstructed construction areas inaccessible to standard concrete trucks can be served by the nimble grab lorry.

With a modern set of different-sized grab lorries, Top Mix has extensive experience efficiently delivering concrete to projects across Buckingham. Our drivers are highly trained and we rigorously follow all safety protocols. Learn more about our grab lorry hire options by calling today.

For major concrete pours or hard-to-access Buckingham construction sites, hire an advanced grab lorry rather than traditional concrete transportation. Grab lorries save considerable time, money and effort while enhancing safety. As leading Buckingham concrete suppliers with the top fleet in the region, get in touch with Top Mix for grabs for hire in Buckingham. Call today to learn more.