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Why Grab Hire May Be Far Better Than Using A Skip

One of the biggest issues on a construction site can be the fact that very often the first thing to do is not to commence digging foundations. It may well be that there is a lot of waste removal to undertake before any sort of construction work can begin.

For instance, it could be a construction site in Swindon that is not level, and it may be necessary to remove a lot of soil and rocks so that there is a flat surface. There may be trees that have to be cut down, or shrubs. There may be existing buildings on the site that need to be demolished and removed. The possibilities are many.

Of course, if there is only a small amount of waste, then you might hire a skip, fill it up, and then wait for it to be removed. However, on many construction sites there can be a lot of waste that needs to be removed, and in this sort of situation it may be far better to use grab hire in Swindon. This is for several reasons.

Far More Than A Skip

Not the least of them is that a grab hire truck can remove far more than you can load into a skip. While skips do come in varying sizes, once you have filled the skip you have to wait for it to be removed and another one delivered. This can cause delays on the project.

Another issue can be if you cannot get a skip on to the actual site. This could be if there is only a narrow entrance or that the site surface is rough, in which case it may not be safe to deposit a skip. That means that it has to be dropped on the road outside the site, and in turn that means that you have to apply for, and pay for, a permit from the local council which can also take time. A grab hire lorry with a long arm can reach over fences, walls, hedges, and so on, and remove a pile of waste in one go.

At Top Mix, we can provide you with grab hire in Swindon to fit in exactly with your needs. We have grab hire lorries in different sizes – up to as much as 16 tonnes – which means that you can use the one that you need: not too big and not too small. If there is a lot of waste, then using a large lorry will mean less trips required – saving money on the project.