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Top Mix specialises in installing high-quality Gypsol Classic self-smoothing screed flooring systems across Buckingham and surrounding areas. With years of experience working with Gypsol flooring products, Top Mix has established itself as the leading expert in Buckingham for eco-friendly, durable, and visually appealing concrete flooring solutions for both commercial and residential settings.

What is Gypsol Classic Flooring?

Gypsol Classic in Buckingham is an innovative self-smoothing gypsum floor screed system created using Gypsol’s patented binder technology. It provides an extremely flat, smooth, level floor ready to receive almost any type of floor covering.

Key Benefits:

Ideal Applications in the Oxford Area

Over the years, we have installed Gypsol Classic in Buckingham in a wide range of settings across Oxford including:

Perfect for new builds or renovations. Provides an excellent base for tile, vinyl, and carpet.

Durable enough for multi-family housing. Fast install speeds up project timelines. 

Creates smooth, seamless floors ready for modern floor coverings.

Foot traffic-ready system that can handle rolling loads from racks and gondolas.

The non-porous, monolithic surface is easy to clean and maintains hygienic standards.

Process of Installation

Installing a Gypsol Classic in the Buckingham floor system requires precision planning coupled with specialised product knowledge and skilful technique. Here is a brief overview: 

Why Choose Top Mix as Your Installer?

With deep experience in the Oxford area, our company stands out through:

Gypsol Flooring for Specialty Applications

Beyond typical residential and commercial settings, Gypsol’s range of performance screeds is also well-suited for more demanding and speciality applications:

  1. Industrial Facilities – Gypsol screeds provide robust concrete floors resistant to heavy loads and equipment traffic. Chemical-resistant options are also available.
  1. Livestock Buildings & Arenas – Combining strength, hygiene, and rapid drying, Gypsol floors are ideal in agricultural environments.
  1. Museums & Galleries – With minimised shrinkage and cracking, Gypsol screeds help provide ultra-flat and seamless surfaces for art installations.
  1. Recording Studios – Acoustic grade Gypsol with high densities blocks airborne sound for professional sound quality environments.
  1. Swimming Pools – Low permeability and water-resistant Gypsol formulations serve as excellent pool surrounds.
  1. Garages & Workshops – Tough, long-lasting Gypsol floors withstand dropped tools and hold up to years of vehicle traffic.

With versatile formulas available for nearly any application, Gypsol flooring delivers high-performing solutions everywhere from standard construction projects to specialised industrial settings.

Regardless of project scope or setting type, Top Mix has the expertise to deliver high-quality Gypsol flooring systems on time and within budget across Buckingham.