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Smooth as Glass. Strong as a Diamond. Gloucester’s Gypsol Diamond.

Top Mix is a specialist liquid screed installer providing Gypsol diamond floor screeds across Gloucester and the surrounding areas. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as leading installers of this innovative gypsum floor screed, noted for its strength, smoothness and excellent thermal conductivity.

What is Gypsol Diamond?

Gypsol diamond in Gloucester is a modern self-smoothing anhydrite flowing screed that offers superior performance compared to traditional sand: cement screeds. The key benefits of Gypsol diamond include:

Gypsol diamond contains a special aggregate that improves flow and gives it a robust, durable nature while still drying quickly. This makes it the ideal modern floor screed.

gypsol diamond Berkshire

Why Choose Top Mix for Your Gypsol Diamond Installation? 

With vast experience installing all floor screeds, you can rely on Top Mix to provide an expert, professional Gypsol diamond installation delivering the highest quality finish.

We stay current on all the latest regulations, standards and best practices to ensure every installation follows strict protocols for preparation, mixing and laying.

Our entire process is closely monitored with checks made on mix consistency, depth tolerances and drying times. And using laser levels, we achieve a precise, even surface across the whole floor area.

We also seal the screed on completion as added protection while it cures. This helps avoid issues down the line.

Applications for Gypsol Diamond Screeds

Gypsol Diamond in Gloucester is suitable for most residential, commercial and industrial flooring applications. Some typical uses include: 

Domestic Homes

Public Sector 

Commercial / Business 

In addition, the excellent thermal conductivity makes it ideal for eco-homes and passive house projects looking to maximise energy efficiency.

It can be used with almost any floor covering, including:

Screed Installation Process 

Here is an overview of the full process Top Mix follows for every screed installation:

  1. Preparation
  2. Remove existing floor coverings
  3. Check and prepare the substrate
  4. Edge insulation strips laid
  5. Services adjusted to correct height
  1. Mixing
  2. Diamond aggregates mixed with Gypsol binder
  3. Tooling to seal slurry produced for coving 
  1. Laying
  2. Bonded screed laid and levelled
  3. Surface laitance to seal pores
  4. Bay sizes minimised to control drying
  1. Curing
  2. Drying aided using dehumidifiers
  3. Surface ground to remove laitance
  4. A sealer coat is applied for added protection
  1. Finishing
  2. Final checks on quality and depth tolerances 
  3. Sign-off certificates issued to the client
  4. Prepared for final floor finishes

By following this structured process with checks at each stage, we ensure the highest quality Gypsol diamond screed suitable for a lifetime of use.

Why Gypsol Diamond is the Future of Floor Screeds

As a modern anhydrite flowing screed, Gypsol Diamond in Gloucester represents the cutting edge of screed technology.

Compared to traditional sand: cement screeds have major advantages making them ideal for contemporary and future construction needs including:

With its numerous performance advantages, Gypsol Diamond points the way forward for floor screeds in the 21st century and beyond. As leading local installers, Top Mix continues to pioneer its use across Gloucester bringing the benefits to our customers.

For further advice, design assistance, or a competitive quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss your project and discover why Gypsol Diamond in Gloucester is the future of floor screeds.