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A Guide to Glorious Gypsol Timbre in Newbury

Top Mix is a specialist liquid screed company serving Newbury and surrounding areas. We have extensive experience working with Gypsol screeds, including the popular Gypsol Timbre line.

Overview of Gypsol Timbre

Applications in Newbury

Domestic Builds

Commercial Spaces 

Underfloor Heating 

Bonded & Unbonded Applications

The Process  

Installing a quality screed of Gypsol Timbre in Newbury requires precision planning and execution. Here is an overview:

  1. Site Set-Up & Mixing Screed
  2. Materials are positioned near pumping locations for easy access.
  3. Accurately batch materials (binder, aggregates, any additives) and mix to supplier guidelines.
  4. Perform regular slump tests to ensure a consistent, pumpable mix.
  5. Have at least 3 people on-site for the pouring team per truck set-up.
  1. Laying Screed & Levelling
  2. Immediately pump the screed from the mixer truck onto the surface at the required depth.
  3. Spread to corners and edges to prevent high spots or voids under low spots.
  4. Compact via tamping in lifts until proper compacted thickness is reached.
  5. Level to tolerances within 15 minutes of pouring using a dappling bar and levelling boards. 
  1. Finishing & Curing
  2. Hand finish surface closed with a steel trowel and dappling brush.
  3. Install curing membrane once walkable to control moisture release.
  4. Open doors/windows once set to aid even ambient drying conditions. 
  1. Screed Testing & Floor Finish 
  2. Confirm residual moisture content meets supplier guidelines via testing.
  3. Once fully dry, mechanically remove any laitance or weak surface material. 
  4. Vacuum thoroughly and commence floor finish installation per relevant standards.

The Benefits

Top Mix has years of experience successfully managing Gypsol screed installations across Newbury and nearby regions. Here are key reasons to choose Top Mix as your Timbre contractor:

As leading local installers of Gypsol Timbre in Newbury, the Top Mix team delivers extensive planning support through certified, defect-free installation for optimal screening results. For quotes or technical guidance reach out to our experts.