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Dry in 24: Fast-Drying Gypsol Screeds Transform Cheltenham Projects

Top Mix is a leading specialist in liquid screed products and services, including Gypsol TS15, for projects across Cheltenham and surrounding areas. With years of experience, we provide reliable Gypsol screeds to deliver quality, durable and high-performing floors.

Benefits of Using Gypsol TS15

Gypsol TS15 from Top Mix offers several key advantages for construction and flooring applications in Cheltenham:

• Fast-drying and rapid installation

• Can be walked on after 24 hours, reducing construction schedules

• Self-compacting to fit any space and flow around obstructions 

• Provides a strong base for floating floors

• Environmentally friendly with 70% recycled content

• Certified for use with underfloor heating systems up to 65°C

Why Work with Top Mix for Gypsol TS15

There are good reasons we are a trusted supplier of Gypsol TS15 in the Cheltenham region:

Experienced Screeding Company

Local Knowledge and Service

Proven Reliability and Reputation

Dedicated Project Management

Installation of Gypsol TS15 by Top Mix

Once you have decided that Gypsol TS15 in Cheltenham meets your Cheltenham project needs, Top Mix can fully manage and install supply and distribution. Here is an overview of how we would progress your project: 

Our first step is a full site survey to inspect the area, take measurements and understand specifications so we can provide a comprehensive quote outlining costs and expected timeframes for installing Gypsol TS15.

With dimensions finalized, we calculate the exact volume and area to cover so the required Gypsol TS15 supplies can be ordered and delivered on schedule before the installation team’s arrival. 

On the starting date, our team will prepare the site – clearing and cleaning the floor area, conducting moisture testing as needed, and ensuring the surface base meets the requirement standards for the Gypsol pour. 

The Gypsol TS15 bulk bags are loaded and mixed onsite to manufacturer specifications. The liquid screed is then poured to ensure an even distribution at the required depth, volume and finish standards.

As the screed cures, the finish is smoothed to specifications and standards. Settings times will vary based on site conditions.  You can walk on the new floor after 24 hours but allow a week before loading significant weight.

Once cured, the Top Mix team returns to inspect the finished screed and confirm the client is fully satisfied with the new Gypsol TS15 floor. Your feedback is important to continuously improve our service.

Why Gypsol TS15 is Recommended 

Gypsol TS15 has distinct properties that make it well-suited for Cheltenham projects where a rapid, environmentally responsible and robust screed solution is required.

What Makes Gypsol TS15 Special

Benefits of Gypsol Screeds

TL;DR Summary – Gypsol TS15 in Cheltenham