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Build from the Ground Up with Gypsol TS20 Screed in Swindon

Top Mix specializes in liquid screed flooring solutions that deliver quality, durability, and value. As an established provider of liquid screed in Swindon and the surrounding areas, we recommend Gypsol TS20 as an ideal screed for most applications.

What is Gypsol TS20?

Gypsol TS20 in Swindon is a high-performance pumpable screed from the Gypsol range manufactured by Saint-Gobain Weber. It is designed for use in commercial and domestic buildings as an EN 13813 CA-C35-F7 floating floor screed.

Applications of Gypsol TS20

From small domestic spaces to large commercial zones, Gypsol TS20 is versatile for all project types when installed correctly by a specialist contractor.

Installation of Gypsol TS20 by Top Mix

As an approved Weber installer, Top Mix has extensive experience working with liquid screeds. Our directors have spent years in the screeding industry. With access to advanced pumping equipment and materials, we provide professional installation of Gypsol screeds including:

Our team handles all aspects from the initial survey and advice through to the screed installation process.

Why Use Top Mix for Your Screed Installation?

Choosing the right installer is vital to getting an effective floor screed solution. Here’s why you should consider Top Mix:

We maintain approval status through regular training and assessments to demonstrate we meet their demanding quality standards.

Our screeding teams hold Construction Skills Certification Scheme cards to verify skills, safety training and professional competence. 

Every project we carry out is covered under our robust insurance policy, giving you reassurance and protection.

We provide free quotes for all projects and are happy to offer expert guidance on selecting the right screed.

As a specialist flooring contractor focused on Swindon, our familiarity with local regulations and suppliers gives us advantages other national firms may lack.

Floor Coverings for Gypsol TS20

Gypsol TS20 in Swindon offers a strong, smooth surface ready for virtually any floor covering, although some preparation may be required depending on the finishing product. Some typical flooring solutions include:

– Carpets and rugs

– Vinyl

– Wood flooring

– Tiles

– Resin coatings

– Concrete polishing

Screed Drying Times

Before applying floor coverings, check the moisture content of the Gypsol TS20 screed using a hygrometer. Gypsol TS20 typically dries at a rate of 1mm per day for the first 40mm depth, allowing the installation of impervious finishes after:

Screed Care & Maintenance

Once installed and covered appropriately, Gypsol TS20 in Swindon requires very little ongoing maintenance. The protection provided by most floor finishes prevents wear and tear of the screed itself.

However, some general care guidelines will help maintain good condition:

Why Work With Top Mix?

With intricate standards for formulation, curing times, preparation and installation, liquid screeds demand specialist support. Attempting DIY with such an integral building component is extremely difficult.

Top Mix offers that reliable expertise for high-quality Gypsol TS20 screed installation in Swindon. Whether a small domestic renovation or sizable commercial development, our efficient service delivers proven results.

For your next project requiring floors ready for modern finishes, choose the proven quality Gypsol TS20 liquid screed installed by Top Mix in Swindon. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our screeding professionals.