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Dealing With Concrete Is Hard. Let Our Pumps Do It For You

Moving concrete around on your own is the worst, isn’t it? All that heavy lifting and messy work. But guess what? You don’t have to deal with that nightmare! At Top Mix Ltd, we make concrete easy with our pumping services. Hiring us is super simple.

Three Awesome Reasons to Pump, Not Shovel

Here’s why you should opt for concrete pump hire in Wiltshire instead of doing all that backbreaking work yourself:

1) It’s so much faster and easier than manual labour. Our pumps can move tons per hour! Imagine that.

2) No more mess and super tired workers. Just let the pump do the hard work.

3) Pumps go places shovels can’t, like high up on upper floors or into tight spaces. Crazy, right?

Let’s look at each of those three points closer:

1) Talk about efficiency! While a few guys with wheelbarrows might move a few cubic yards per hour, a professional concrete pump can pour 100 or more cubic yards in that same time! It’s like having an army of workers, but it’s just one powerful machine.

2) Have you ever shovelled wet concrete before? It’s incredibly heavy, messy, and exhausting work. Your crews will be dragging and covered in concrete by the end of the day. But with pumping, they just need to monitor the operation and guide the robotic arm. No shovelling is required!

3) Trying to wheelbarrow concrete up several flights of stairs or into a tight basement is practically impossible. But a skilled operator can snake that pump line virtually anywhere it needs to go with ease. Don’t limit yourself based on job site access restrictions!

Our Super Environment-Friendly Concrete

Most of our liquid screed concrete is made from 98% recycled materials! It’s a special mix of sand, water, and recycled binder. So you’re helping save the planet just by hiring us. How awesome is that?

We reduce waste by reusing byproducts from other industries as the binding agent. And it performs just as well for lots of applications like floor underlayments.

So choose Top Mix, and you can feel really good that your project is eco-friendly and sustainable! Small changes make a big difference in protecting the planet for future generations.

No more dreading concrete work and destroying your body. With Top Mix’s concrete pump hire in Wiltshire, you can sit back and enjoy watching that concrete flow exactly where it needs to be. Ah, don’t you feel better already?