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Liquid Screed Swindon

Liquid screed has increased in popularity over the last several years amongst those performing new builds and renovation projects in Swindon. Property owners are beginning to see the advantages of using liquid screeds rather than sand and cement screeds for their domestic and commercial flooring.

Why Liquid Screed?

Liquid screed is the best screed option for filling in imperfect or uneven flooring surfaces. When pouring the screed onto a surface, the liquid quickly flows and fills all the imperfections, gaps, holes, and voids. And thanks to its self-levelling compound, the liquid screed will leave your flooring smooth, levelled, and balanced.

The liquid screed can even cover pipework and underfloor heating systems. Since the liquid screed is a thin layer, heat from the heating system can quickly pass through the layer. As a result, your underfloor heating system will be able to set the ideal temperature much faster with liquid screed flooring versus sand and cement screed flooring.

Hire Topmix to Install Your Liquid Screed in Swindon

Topmix is a trusted liquid screed supplier in Swindon. It only takes our technicians about 24 hours to pour and level the liquid screeding on the floor. After that, the liquid should dry in about 24 to 48 hours. Then, at that point, you can walk on your flooring again to perform other construction duties for your build or renovation project.

We use 36% recycled material in our liquid screed solutions, making them an eco-friendly option for any property owner.

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