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Why Is Ready-Mixed Concrete Better Than Mixing On Site?

If you are working, or about to work, on a construction project of any sort that requires the use of concrete, and it is in Oxfordshire or any of the surrounding counties, then you need us at Top Mix. In fact, if you do a Google search for something such as “concrete company close to me”, then you will find that we are, indeed, close to you. Based in Bampton, we can deliver as much or as little ready-mixed concrete to your site as you need.

Some construction managers still believe that mixing concrete on site is less expensive than having it delivered ready-mixed, but that is not usually the case. Apart from anything else, you need to have the sand, cement, and any other aggregates delivered to your site in the first place, and they may not all come from the same supplier.

Even if they do, you are not going to get the discounts that we do at Top Mix. This is because we order in huge quantities, and so we get much better prices, quite obviously. That means that we can pass some of those savings on to our customers.

Not Just The Materials

However, it is not just the cost of the materials which is involved. If you mix concrete on site, there is a lot of labour involved. Apart from anything else, shovelling the materials into the mixer all day is tiring. This also means that the concrete that you finish up with will not be the same from one batch to the next. So, you do not get consistency. Not only that, but at the end of the day you also have to clean the mixer.

Then there is also the matter of dust pollution which is not really good for health. When you have concrete ready-mixed delivered to site there is zero dust pollution. Back at our works, we manage dust pollution responsibly.

There is another benefit of having ready-mixed concrete delivered to your site and poured immediately. We can produce the mix to your precise requirements. You give us the details and we mix it. On top of that, when you need more than one batch, every one of them will be mixed in exactly the same proportions, so you will always have consistency throughout the project, no matter how much concrete you need.

So, there is no need to search for “concrete company close to me”. Just call us on 01865 660006 or email with your requirements.