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Screened topsoil and crushed concrete Oxfordshire

Screened topsoil and crushed concrete are quality materials needed for numerous construction projects in Oxfordshire. Topmix recycles and prepares our screened topsoil and crushed concrete products to ensure the highest quality for our clients.

Screened Topsoil

Topsoil is the soil you see on the ground surface. Construction workers use topsoil in various gardening and landscaping projects because it contains the most organic matter from bushes, roots, dead animals, weeds, leaves, and vegetation. All this organic matter provides abundant nutrients to the topsoil, making it viable for stimulating plant growth.

Of course, taking topsoil right from the ground surface would also mean it has rocks, branches, sticks, and other obstructive materials. Some construction projects demand unscreened topsoil with these obstructive materials because they make the topsoil rougher and stronger. However, unscreened topsoil is not the best for landscaping, gardening, and other projects requiring the growth of plant life.

Screened topsoil is a better option because it contains no obstructive materials. Topmix uses an advanced screening machine to filter out all the rocks, sticks, and branches from the topsoil. The mesh in our screening machine blocks all the bigger particles, so only smaller ones can pass through it. As a result, it produces quality topsoil with only small nutrient-rich granular particles.

Here are the benefits of screened topsoil:

  • An abundance of nutrients
  • Fewer contaminants and obstructive materials
  • Consistent granular texture
  • Loose soil
  • Ability to grow plants faster and taller
  • Better nutrient and water flow

We recommend screened topsoil for all projects involving gardening, growing vegetables, lawn preparation, and walkway foundations. Contact us if you have questions about our screened topsoil products and whether they suit your project.

Crushed Concrete

Crushed concrete is a popular eco-friendly building material suitable for numerous hardscape construction projects. We produce our crushed concrete by recycling older concrete-based structures like buildings, driveways, curbs, sidewalks, and roads. It is eco-friendly because we prevent this older concrete material from ending up in dumpsters and landfills. So it is a win-win for our clients and the environment.

Crushed concrete is an excellent material for constructing patios, driveways, pathways, retaining walls, foundations, and drainage ditches. The best part is that it’s significantly cheaper than regular concrete while maintaining its durability and quality. So why not purchase crushed concrete for your hardscape project in Oxfordshire? It would be the most economical thing to do for your project.

Our team uses advanced crushing machinery to recycle the older concrete into finer particles of crushed concrete for our clients. Then we use our lorries and commercial trucks to deliver the crushed concrete to their worksites for usage on their projects. It is a versatile construction material that offers enough durability for hardscape projects while allowing moisture to pass through it.

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Do you need screened topsoil and crushed concrete for your construction project in Oxfordshire? Call us at 01865 660006 or email us at for a consultation regarding your project. We’ll happily discuss our recycling and prepping process for screened topsoil and crushed concrete in more detail.

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