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Power Screeds: What You Need To Know

If you are working on a construction project in Birmingham, or anywhere else for that matter, one of the things to consider is how level the floor needs to be. Obviously, in a home it needs to be flat and level, but you might think that if the project is the building of a factory or something similar, the floor is not over-important.

However, you could very well be wrong. For example, if you are constructing a warehouse, you might consider a smooth floor surface is not critical, but if there are going to be forklifts running about all over it all day then that is a whole different story. Tyres can be expensive, and they need to last as long as possible, so you need a nice smooth surface.

This is why it is necessary to cover the substrate of the floor with a screed. A traditional screed is made using sand and cement and needs to be poured making sure that it is as level as possible and without any bubbles. In the past, and even today, construction workers used a wooden slab to level the screed out as much as possible. 

Major Disadvantages

However. This has some major disadvantages. Working on hands and knees pulling a wooden slab is very hard work, and the result is that it can cause injuries. Even if that does not happen, fatigue can set in very quickly. Figures also show that one in ten construction workers suffer injury every year, and most of these affect the back and spine.

This is why it is now possible to use a power screed when laying a traditional screed in Birmingham. A power screed has several benefits over working wholly by hand. With this tool the screed vibrates and is pushed along by the worker who is now standing up, not bent double over the screed on the floor. As it vibrates, it will automatically remove any air bubbles from the screed, leaving a nice level surface.

A power screed is lightweight, enabling workers to move around the site more quickly. In fact, it is calculated that a power screed will enable the worker to finish the job as much as four times faster, so there is a huge saving on labour costs as well.

Another advantage when laying a traditional screed in Birmingham is that, because the worker is standing up, there is far less chance of suffering injury. All round, the benefits of using a power screed far outweigh the initial cost.