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Why Using Grab Hire In Didcot Can Be Far Better Than A Skip

Didcot is a pretty town in South Oxfordshire and has a population of some 32,000. It is surrounded by a swathe of scientific campuses. The name is derived from Old English and means “the house of Dudda”. This is believed to be from a 7th century king named Dida who ruled the area around Oxford.

The town also had the railway line – the Great Western Railway – built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel reach it in 1839, and the original station was opened in 1844. The Ladygrove development on the north and east of the railway has added many more homes, as has Great Western Park.

In 2015, the government named Didcot as the first garden town in the UK and has provided funding to develop it further over the ensuing 15 years until 2030. If you are undertaking any sort of construction work in Didcot and the surrounding area, then it may be possible to obtain some of the funding that is available.

As with anywhere else, when you commence construction of any type, the first thing to do is to clear the area of basically anything that is in the way. This could be trees, rocks, earthworks, rubble left by previous occupiers, and a whole lot more. If you are planning a small estate, for example, there can be hundreds of tons of rubbish of one sort or another to be removed.

Grab Hire Is Often The Best Option

Of course, if there is only a small amount of rubbish what you need to dispose of, then you can always hire a skip. They come in different sizes, so you can get the one that you need. However, in many instances, grab hire in Didcot from Top Mix may be the best option from the point of view of convenience and cost.

There are several reasons why using a grab can be better than a skip. Just to begin with, when you have a skip, you have to wait for it to be collected and the next one delivered if there is a lot of waste. Also, if you have to place it on the road you need a licence, which costs money.

Using grab hire in Didcot means that the lorry can remove far more waste in one go than even the largest skip. The grab, which is mounted on an extending crane, also means that it can reach over walls and fences and remove waste from areas that are difficult to reach or would need a lot of labour to wheelbarrow out to a skip. In many instances, grab hire is a far better solution than using skips.