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Why You Need to Hire a Concrete Pump?

A pipe runs from a truck or trailer and can send concrete anywhere you need it on the construction site.

Why Should I Hire One of These Pumps?

1. It saves you time, big time

Instead of spending hours on hours shovelling and hauling concrete back and forth, a pump can knock out the whole job way quicker. And we all know in construction, time is money.

2. You avoid a ton of backbreaking work

Lifting and moving all those heavy loads of wet concrete is a total killer on your back. But with a pump, you need to operate the machine – no more throwing out your spine or needing to hire a whole crew just for manual labour.

3. The results are way better quality

Concrete that gets pumped ends up way more consistent, with fewer air pockets or weak spots than stuff you pour yourself. That means whatever you’re building will be stronger and last way longer.

4. You can access any area, with no problem

Need concrete poured into a super cramped basement corner? Or up on the second floor of an addition? A concrete pump makes it easy to get materials into any tight space.

You’re probably thinking “Sign me up already!” But hold up, here are some tips before you hire a concrete pump.

Not all concrete pumps and companies are created equal, you know? Here are some key things you have to watch for:

Experience – You want a company that’s been around the block and knows its stuff backwards and forward. Ask how many years they’ve been pumping and what big projects they’ve worked on before.

The right equipment – Make sure they have pump trucks with enough power and reach to handle whatever you’re working on. Sometimes bigger is not better – you just need the right pump for your specific job.

Positive reviews – These days, online reviews are everything. Do your homework and make sure the company has a solid rep and people are saying good things about their quality.

Fair pricing – Don’t just go with the cheapest option, because that usually means they’re cutting corners. But also watch out for any prices that just seem crazy high compared to others.

Safety first! – A quality concrete pumping crew should have strict safety rules and training to keep their workers safe and prevent accidents on your job site. You don’t want any rookies messing around.

Top Mix ticks all the boxes if you want to hire a concrete pump. So contact us right now.