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Why You Should Often Use Grab Hire Rather Than A Skip

When clearing a site in preparation for a building project, or for that matter any other reason, many people first think of hiring a skip. To some extent, this is understandable, because skips have been with us for a very long time. However, the simple fact is that in many instances, if not most, you would be better off using grab hire in Swindon rather than a skip.

Just to begin with, a grab hire lorry can cope with an awful lot more material in one go than you will ever get into a skip. If there is a lot of rubbish to be removed, you may need several skips. That means that you need a skip lorry running back and forth picking up a full skip and dropping off an empty one. that all adds to the costs because there is a lot of labour involved compared with picking it all up in one go with grab hire.

Not only that, but when you have a skip dropped on a road you have to get a permit from the council and pay for it. It’s not so bad if you can get it on to the site, but often that is not possible.

Rough And Uneven Terrain

Then there is the fact that when you use a skip it has to be dropped on to a flat surface. Quite often, the terrain may be rough or uneven. In addition to that, a skip can really only accommodate small items. When you have a construction site, it is often the case that there are large items of waste that just won’t fit into a skip or will have to be cut down in size, involving additional labour and time. At Top Mix, we can provide you with grab hire in Swindon that will accommodate all of your needs.

Furthermore, we have grab hire lorries in different sizes to fit in with your particular requirements. That means that if you only need to remove a small amount you can use a small grab lorry. However, if there is a lot to be removed, we have grab hire lorries that have a higher capacity up to as much as 16 tonnes. Even if there is a lot more waste than that, it still means far fewer trips back and forth, so still saving money and time.

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